1984 Set of 6 Proof Coins

Sales price without tax: $120.00
Sales price: $120.00


Encased in a crylic display slan, with certificate no.1383 and wooden display box.

The coins in this series have a common reverse design. The denomination is in the centre with rear date at the top, two stalks of paddy appear on the left, the word SINGAPORE on the right.

$1 - A stylized Singapore lion symbol flanked by two stalks of paddy

50 cents - A lionfish from tropical waters 

20 cents - A sword fish against a background symbolising water

10 cents - A seahorse with a stylized piece of seaweed

5 cents - A snake-bird sitting in its nest and preening its feathers

1 cent - A high-rise public housing block with a fountain in front and clouds in the background

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