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1992 1-Yuan, 1991 5-jiao 1-Jiao, 1980 1-yuan

(KM )

Uncirculated (4pcs)            



1995 Silver 10-Yuan 1 Country 2 Nations

One Country 2 Systems. Commemorates return of Hong Kong to China (KM 815).

Proof with box and certificate.




1999 Silver 100-Patacas

Commemorates Macau Special Administration Regionon December 20, 1999. (KM 96).

Proof with box and certificate no.14519, struck by the Royal Canadian Mint under the authorization of the Government of Macau.



2011 Silver 10-Yuan Heaven & Earth

The Official Commemorative Silver Coin of the Historical Monuments of Dengfeng in the Centre of Heaven and Earth” is legal tender of China (KM). Minted by Shanghai Mint, depicts the Songyue Temple Pagoda.

Proof, with wooden display box and certificate no. 59051. SOLD.

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